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Denise Dawson portrait as a teacher at MVCA

Hello, thank you for visiting the Montana Teacher Blog. I started M.E.D.C. and this blog since I am passionate about teaching all children learn to read and express themselves in writing. Decades ago my experience in education began as a tutor while attending college. Then continued upon graduation in public school classrooms.

Philosophy as a Teacher

After getting married, I home-schooled our six children. The reality of how children all learn in their own way and at their own pace became solidified. My teaching style is personal and unique, as I surround myself with programs and materials that have proven successful and adapt them to each child’s needs. As the teacher, I continually observe student progress. Students can take time to process what is being taught or they can move forward, each at their own pace.

This last year, I have begun training in the Barton System. This is a learning system that has provided many children with dyslexia the ability to learn to read and spell. I look forward to offering students the opportunity to learn through this method.

We start off by you sharing your concerns as a parent. Then we can make decisions together to create a learning plan for your child.

Bamdewanto created the medical icon on freepik which inspired the MEDC Logo. Direct Media created the photo of the girl studying with a teddy bear. Macrovector on Freepik created the encyclopedias (books) included in my logo. Stockgiu on Freepik created the pencil vector in my logo. ProSymbols at the created the ‘ABC’ Alphabet vector for the spelling icon. The designer Muhammad Ridha Agusni and his publisher 38lineart created the awesome font style Kid Knowledges1 for teachers, and allows the free download of The Back to School font. Thank you all artists for sharing your artistic talents with teachers online.

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Portrait of Denise Dawson as a Teacher at MVCA